Singing Live

Having problems singing live? Perhaps you want some guidance before actually trying it?
How Do I Sing Live?
Most singers spend years working on the sound of their voice only to discover that when they sing live for the first time, it all seems to go a little downhill.
Maybe you do not like how you sound through a P.A system. Or perhaps the microphones you use ruin the sound of your voice. Or maybe you find yourself becoming really nervous before you sing on a live stage; everything is a struggle and notes aren’t coming out as easily as normal. Maybe you do not know what to do with yourself on stage when you sing live and you are not particularly confident?
Here are some tips for these problems
Some singers get so nervous that they physically shake before they go on stage. When you get nervous and panic, everything about your voice and sound goes wrong for several reasons. You will probably start to hyperventilate slightly and this makes your breathing fast and your whole body tenses up a little. Most importantly, your voice box becomes more tense. You are not relaxed as you sing, and this forces you to sing with a slightly different technique. You will strain, sound awful and possibly go a little off key.
There are not many ways of getting around nerves. What tends to happen is, the more live performances you do, the less nervous you get. You gradually become more confident and begin to sing in a more relaxed way, which will make you sound a whole lot better.

When you get nervous, take deep breaths, your body will calm down a little bit and you will not hyperventilate so much.
Try to sing in front of other people as much as possible. Get used to the idea that people like your voice and almost force confidence upon your self.
When you sing with different microphones you will notice that you sound slightly different every time.
Of course, every case is different, but to truly take control of the way you sound in a live performance, you need to do a few things.
Here is a video for some visual assisstance on how to use a microphone.
Buy microphones and practice with them!
Guitarist and drummers all buy their equipment, so we singers generally have it easy. We do not have to set up anything or pay for anything, just turn up and sing! If you test out different microphones, you will eventually find one with a good sound and a smooth match to your voice. So instead of turning up to a gig and being given one you have never used and sounds all fuzzy, you have microphones, which you personally like the sound of. All microphones are different you and its not like your voice is just being made louder. It will change slightly depending on the microphones you use.
It is important when buying microphones that you go to a local music store and get assistance. You need to tell them what you will be using the mic for and they will guide you to the right types of microphones before you test the sound. Some microphones are not made for louder, bigger equipment and you do not want to waste your money.
Learn how to use equipment
Now this is not as important because when you sing at live performances, you usually have a P.A operator who will make you sound great anyway. But if you will need to buy some form of amplification for your microphones, so that you can practice with them. You can learn to adjust the amplifier and learn what the different effects do; bass, treble and other dials will have an effect on your sound.
When you sing live you can tell the P.a. operator how you like your mic to sound. You will then be more comfortable with how you sound, become more confident and sing far more accurately.