Cesky Friends


Cesky Terrier problems?
In general these are happy, healthy dogs but from time to time people do have problems which seem difficult to cope with, especially if they don't know anyone else who owns a Cesky Terrier.

If you do have a problem of any sort, the first port of call should always be your breeder.

If your breeder can't be contacted the Friends of the Cesky Terrier are here to offer help.

A health issue that is concerning you - and your vet is finding it difficult to access information about the breed?

A behavioural problem that you don't seem to be able to solve?

Struggling with grooming?

Circumstances have changed and you can't keep your Cesky Terrier any more?

When we can't cope - for whatever reason - our natural reaction is to be embarrassed. Please don't let that perfectly understandable emotion get in the way of helping your Cesky Terrier.

We are what it says on the tin - Friends of the Cesky Terrier. That means all Cesky Terriers, wherever they came from and whoever owns them.

So if you do have a problem of any sort, that involves your Cesky Terrier please get in touch and ask for help. We are not judgemental - problems are rarely the fault of the owner, but just a result of a combination of circumstances.

Whether it's advice that can sort out your problems very quickly, short-term fostering during a family crisis, or rehoming because of a change in circumstances, Friends of the Cesky Terrier are here to help.

You can use the contact form on this website to get in touch, and we promise that we will reply as soon as possible.