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Competitions, mistakes to avoid and my take on things

Here's a few thoughts on mistakes you can avoid and maybe a new way of looking at things. ...more

Olympus passion

OP kindly asked me to appear in their wonderfuly Olympus centric mag. ...more

I am advert!

Olympus sponsored advert in Digital Photographer September 2017 ...more

AP Olympus OMD EM1 mk2
6 page field test

Amateur Photographer September 2017
Up close and personal with the OMD EM1 mk2 ...more

AP have let me in again!

Amateur Photographer September 2017
For all of you who need to know my life in cameras! ...more

Canon Photo Plus September 2017

Pop in and have a gander ...more

AP let me lose in their hallowed pages!

Amateur Photographer 5th August 2017 ...more

Apologies, me alert!

This was in the Western Mail on Saturday 4th March ...more

The Perils of Wildlife Photography

I'm in trouble, I'm addicted and I need my fix. ...more

Puffin Portrait Possibilities

My Facebook and Instagram photos of Puffins seemed to have struck a chord so I thought I would jot a few thoughts down on how I went about shooting them as quick as a sand eel slides down a Puffins throat. ...more

Mirrorless for nature! Are you still mad - part two?

So am I still mad and using a micro four thirds system for nature photographY? ...more

Patches (not the song from Clarence Carter!)

My patch (Conjugated: your patch, our patch, their patch, [not were patch, as that's an area for human's with a hair growth problem during a full moon]). ...more

You don't need a camera to enjoy photography

(Although it helps of course).
I have never been a fan of 'just walking', I know it's a great past time for many but I like a reason to do most things and walking without one seems a waste of time when I could be doing something else. ...more

Mirrorless for nature! Are you mad?

I have been asked numerous times why I sometimes use an Olympus set-up especially when I am predominantly a nature photographer. ...more

Outdoor Photography

This image of Rhoose Point on the Glamorgan Coastline was featured in the January 2015 edition of Outdoor Photography magazine ...more