My photography is highly individual and often experimental stemming from a fascination with, and concern for the natural world. At a time when world affairs are dominated by stories of climate change, deforestation, species extinction and famine, I believe that documenting the natural world and the issues surrounding it is crucial to an understanding of our place in and impact upon the world around us.

I started out as a 'nature' photographer believing that a good picture was clean, sharp and an accurate record of the chosen subject. However, in recent times, perhaps in part due to my 'other' role as a teacher of photography, I have become increasingly attuned to my 'artistic streak' producing images more akin to fine art than traditional wildlife or environmental photography. I firmly believe that our place in the wider world and our impact upon it can be conveyed most effectively by translating what we see in our surroundings with aesthetic sympathy. Beauty can be found in the least obvious of places, a ruined building, recycling plant or patch of dying fauna.

My photography is an attempt to cause the viewer to stop and look again. In doing so, I hope that they question their relationship with the wider environment, community and self. Only by recognising our role in shaping the environment can we hope to look toward a brighter future.

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