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I have been passionate about photography for as long as I can remember. Back in the ‘old’ days my interest led me to take photography as an option at GCSE and I was fortunate to study at a time when only ‘analogue’ cameras existed. I therefore was able to learn how to develop images in the darkroom and this opened my eyes to the possibilities ahead of me. The invention of the digital camera has made pursuing this hobby (as it then was) affordable and convenient and I have never looked back!

As a trained classical musician and teacher, I have been able to practice my photography in my profession, working with young people at events and in challenging lighting! This led to an enthusiasm from my students in my work and I expanded my experience to include sports and other activities. I love working with people and portrait photography enables me to interact with people and I aim to bring out the personalities of those I photograph.

Pets are another important subject of mine in my photography. As a dog owner myself, I understand the importance of a pet as part of the family. I value the photographs I have of my dog and I would be happy to provide you with a timeless, lasting memory of your beloved pet.

I specialise in images that capture the subject in a natural environment. I don’t do studio work as I believe that those images taken in an environment that is special to you produce the best results. As part of my service, I aim to spend time with you to enable me to best capture the best images and I would always be happy to discuss and accommodate your ideas.