Our plan is to raise as much money from the local and wider community as possible over the next few weeks and months, and this is the first round of funding we are asking the community to help with.

Early estimates put the restoration figure at best as £525,000 and at worst £686,000, this will be become clearer once the surveys that will be undertaken soon are complete. The support we receive will give us an indication of how soon we can commission the start of the engineering work and, in turn, what a realistic target date is for reopening.

Whilst we realise we need to raise a lot of money in a short amount of time, we have had strong indications that further financial support could be forthcoming from other sources. But, we must demonstrate community support and a longer term sustainable plan.

Our goal is two-fold – to get the lift back into operation and, in the future, deliver something even more fabulous to Folkestone, which will be an iconic feature, much loved for generations to come.