I am a teacher, artist and writer.

Teacher: I'm an English teacher in a secondary school in Dorset. I love the job. Luckily there are 13 weeks holiday each year which enables me to paint and write...

Artist: The artwork shown here mostly comprises my acrylic, colourful line paintings - often with additions of fabric, found objects and fauna. In terms of what I'm depicting in my art I love the stimulation of natural environments and science without wanting to portray them directly. This can be clearly seen in my modern embroidery of the CMS detector at the Large Hadron Collider.

Last year one of my artworks comprising collage and my poetry was shortlisted for the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition and I've recently started on a large 3D submission for next year.

Writer: My writing includes poetry, two novels, two screenplays, children's stories, articles about education, love and life. Some of this (a small some!) has been published. I'm currently writing about my six months spent living in a campervan last year - it's called 'Sleeping Around' - it's about how not to combine love, scenery and single parenting. I have a Masters Degree in Modern Literature and Creative Writing.