Why Choose me?

Why choose me?

I’m a degree qualified photographer with a full understanding and control of the camera and the exposure, with professional equipment and a desire to make sure your photographs tell the story you want told.

Why is this important?

Anyone can buy a high end camera and put it in automatic or a semi-automatic mode, and let the camera make either all the decisions, or 2/3 of the decisions, and sometimes get a fantastic photograph; but, this is more out of luck and persistence than any skill from the photographer.

I have a full understanding of how Time (Shutter speed), Depth of field (Aperture), and Gain (ISO) will affect the photograph and I control all the settings. Knowing how each setting effects the image makes sure I am using the correct settings and equipment to get the best photograph possible.

If, as an example the photographer controls only 1 of the settings, the camera tries to get the correct exposure by adjusting the other settings, but the camera does not know what is being photographed, so it does not know if it needs to freeze a moving object, have an extensive (or narrow) depth of field, or needs to minimise the amount of noise on the image, these are things only the photographer knows, choosing me as your photographer and these decisions will not be left to chance.