I started painting when I retired from business and chose early on to use watercolour in my artistic journey, attracted by its challenges and the unpredictable, often magical, results that can occur with painting wet into wet. I occasionally use ink as well as watercolour and employ various techniques to provide texture and interest

I am not drawn to photographic reality and prefer to let water and pigment do what it will, with sometimes very little intervention on my part.

My inspiration is mainly drawn from the beautiful riverside village in which I live and more particularly my garden, which is one of my other passions. Away from home I am particularly drawn to wild landscapes and shorelines.

We are privileged to live in a beautiful country teeming with the flora and fauna and wild places that I try to capture the essence of in my paintings. I sketch, take photograph and notes of colour, sounds and feelings as I take in my surroundings letting the natural world speak to me as it will.

I paint mostly in the studio hopefully conveying the essence of my observations. I use fresh plant material supported by sketches and photos for those subjects which don’t sit still!